Heated and Air Conditioned Space

The Sheds at Clover Ridge offer an indoor, climate controlled experience. The Front Shed is insulated and has a capacity of 250 and offers heating, air conditioning, sink, serving space, refrigerator, and warmer. The Back Shed is not insulated. Both sheds have a stage area with wood backdrop. The Back Shed may be used for happy hour or ceremony space. New for 2021 – two restrooms in the Front Shed. Renting this space includes a crushed rock area for parking, white folding chairs, round and rectangular tables. Also included is ample fenced green space with an orchard and flower beds.


Up to 150 white folding chairs and round tables available. Set up and arrange yourself in the DIY Package or direct us in the Heavy Lifting and Inclusive Packages.


A 60×100 shed, a 40×60 shed, orchard area, and surrounding green space are all included with the Sheds. Restrooms, sink, refrigerator are also included in the climate controlled front shed.


In the DIY package, you are responsible for clean-up. In both the Heavy Lifting and Inclusive Packages, we do the clean-up for you!


Bring your own decorations for the DIY and Heavy Lifting Packages. Have us decorate in the Inclusive Packages.