A truly unique Iowa experience. A river beach event!

The Beach is a privately owned, natural sand beach on the Cedar River. It provides a one-of-a-kind setting. Hold your ceremony, reception, anniversary dinner, company picnic, birthday party, or family gathering on the beach, in Iowa! Included are up to 150 white folding chairs, white round and rectangular tables. Limited transportation is available to this remote location.


Set-Up is included with all Packages for the Beach. Up to 150 chairs available plus tables and tents.


Sit directly on the beach or under the shade with soft grass.


Under the DIY package, you are responsible for clean-up after the event. Let us handle the clean-up by choosing the Inclusive Package. Clean-up is to be complete by midnight.


Decorate the beach how you imaged with the materials you have under the DIY and Heavy Lifting Packages. Let us decorate for you so you can simply enjoy the event under the Inclusive Package.